Philanthroplay, as the name suggests is a philanthropic company founded in 2015 with the fundamental objective of providing financial assistance to special needs organisations and educational facilities in the developing world. Philanthroplay sells smartphone games and applications in order to raise money and awareness for these organisations.

What began in 2014 as an improbable and idealistic idea of founder Paul Moffatt while he was taking part in a volunteer program and internship with GVI, is now a social enterprise sitting on your browser screen, and sitting on the cusp of making a real impact upon access to quality special needs therapy and education in Latin America- with your assistance.

While undertaking the volunteer program Paul encountered several charitable organisations doing outstanding work for their community and asking for very little in return. In particular in the 'Centro de Atencion Integral', a special needs school and therapy centre, Paul saw a foundation with plenty of heart and dedication, but which lacked the funding required to provide therapy and schooling for all of those who could not afford it. It seemed to Paul that feeling so distant from resources to help felt ridiculous when he felt the smart phone in his pocket.

After pondering this when he returned to Australia it occurred to Paul that this feeling was indeed ridiculous, but that there was a cause. Our generation is bombarded with the ideas that the environment and developing world are in states of perpetual crises and we are contributing to the problem whether we like it or not, due to the dark side of globalisation. We feel powerless to fix an ever expanding set of problems that Generation Y in particular has been told is going to be ours to fix. The paradox being that at a time of unprecedented interconnectivity and technological affluence and sustained prosperity we feel disconnected from goods and services we purchase because we only ever hear of how they benefit us alone, and can harm someone or something else. Technology and products of the digital economy unquestionably improve our lives, yet can feel sterile and superficial in the context of a reverberant chorus of warnings about global warming, famine and war. This feeling multiplies when we hear that our latest device has been produced in appalling slave like factory conditions. Our entire digital lives, right down to the minutes and hours spent downloading and being entertained by social media, a game or an app, can ultimately feel empty and wasted once the excitement washes away from the app, and the app subsequently disappears from the device.

It needn’t always feel this empty, or at least that is our belief. Afterall, we are constantly being told about the app industry's dynamism, and how full of lateral and creative thinkers it is. It seems only appropriate that new answers and business models arise to address global problems from a sector which literally connects the world. Philanthroplay’s vision is for our customers to feel they have contributed to something really worthwhile in some distant part of the world, even if they were only sitting on the couch enjoying one of our apps. We want our customers to love our products that they have acquired on their devices, but also love what that acquisition has produced in another area of the world. Moreover we want to actually make a tangible difference to the provision of special needs education in Latin America, a region of the world which is ravaged by corruption, narco conflict, environmental disaster and exploitation, and therefore may not have much to thank globalisation for. Philanthroplay wants to show areas of the world exposed to the rough edge of globalisation that it can also be a force of benevolence in which total strangers are able to reach out across borders to help them simply with a tap of their finger on a smartphone.

And you can help us, by downloading one of our products, making a donation directly to the projects or even simply by sharing this page with your friends, you are helping us cut a new path and make a difference. 







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